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MMGCondo strives to bring the innovative systems and technologies of today into the world of condo rental management. It is our belief that both tenants and owners expect greater service and convenience than ever before, and our mandate is to simplify the process as much as we can for everyone involved.


Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology to be one step ahead of our competitors!


Top Performance

We know that the security of your property is a top priority!


30 Years Experience

We are licensed Professionals!



Since 1980

At MMGCondo, we know you want to be a stress-free landlord. In order to do that, you need a reliable company to watch over your property. The problem is your rental property is one of your most valuable assets, and you’re afraid to hand over the reins. We believe you deserve to build a relationship with a company you can trust.

We understand the importance of finding a reliable property management company that you can count on. Which is why for the last 30 years, our award-winning team of licensed Property Managers has been working tirelessly to put our client’s best interests first.

What we do best

Condo Management Services

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making a start

As a Board member, we recognize that you face many challenges: enacting policies, managing finances, negotiating terms, managing vendors, and addressing your neighbors’ concerns, among many other time-consuming items.  You do all this because you care about your community. These responsibilities can be time-consuming and require in-depth knowledge that you may not have or need expert advice.

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Board Member Education

Exclusive Board educational seminars hosted by industry-leading experts • Guidance from highly experienced MMG associates and Executive Team • Access to market experts to assist in making sound decisions

Exceptional Communication

Regular reporting to your Board • Dedicated administration support • Immediate response and tracking of emergencies 24/7 • Timely response and tracking of all non-emergency needs • Advance, web-based software that provides Boards with a portal and instant access to information, which ensures ease of communication between board members and your management team

Financial Management

A dedicated accounting team that delivers an accurate financial reporting package to your Board on time each month • A dedicated financial expert available to your Board for inquiries • Implementation of leading financial technology that ensures all invoices are approved and paid in a timely fashion • Dedicated collections team

Risk Management

We will facilitate the following:
Screening of vendors by a dedicated team for WCB and insurance compliance and any other required certifications. A requirement that all vendors provide added value to our clients, such as exclusive service offerings, reduced rates, exclusively for MMG clients. Customer service rating platforms for quality control and accountability on all vendor projects. Exclusive energy and insurance programs saving our client up to 30 percent Dedicated claims team advocating for our clients Direct accesses to industry top lawyers for advice at no expense to the Board

Maintenance and Repair Coordination

Our service team looks after any maintenance and repair issues that might arise. We work the best contractors and ensure reasonable rates.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We take care of everything for you.  You can give us the keys to your property and we will facilitate the marketing, showing, screening and signing of your tenant as well as the rental collection and administration after they have moved in.  

what do you need?

Your property is our top priority

Our management team will advise you on the best way to maximize profit for your property, be it through yearly rentals, periodic rentals or even fully furnished executive rentals. Like you, we want our properties full and respectfully tenanted for top dollar and that is what we strive for on every lease we write.


Our cutting-edge marketing strategies help us to reduce vacancies by putting your property in front of the right potential tenants.

Rental Collection

With flexible payment options and recurring schedules, accepting payments is a breeze.

Showing & Screening

Secure background and credit checks ensure better tenants and reduced turnover.

Maintenance Repairs

Our service team looks after any maintenance and repair issues that might arise. We work the best contractors and ensure reasonable rates.
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